Oil seal partially covered with rubber. This type of seal is used for maintenance purposes, while replacing rings with a metal outer diameter (type M). Once the original ring is replaced, the housing may reveal damages caused by the disassembly of the previous ring. The partial rubber covering of the MG type provides the static sealing of the new ring even in housing with those impairments. The MGPZS type has a groove to the left (S) on the internal side of the sealing lip and limits the use of the seal to one direction (LEFT HELIX).

PRESSURE: Up to 0.5 BAR (0.05 MPa)

USE: Radial Sealing

OUTSIDE Ø: Metal + Rubber with grooves

CONSTRUCTION: Metal casing + Partial rubber govering with grooves + Sealing lip with garter spring + Left helix groove (S) + Dust lip


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