Paper Mill Industry

The paper industry requires performing seals to match the always faster speeds reached in the most modern production plants. The continuous engineering and application research from •FP• and ATS has allowed the creation of a family of seals able to guarantee the lubricating of the shafts even facing misalignments, pressures and high temperatures generated from the critical production requirements for the most modern equipment.

Metals Industry

Top performing oil seals are a must in this industry due to the aggressive chemicals in the cooling baths and the high working speeds reached by the machinery. •FP• and ATS propose a wide selection of seals to guarantee a solution for all the requirements in this industry.

Wind Mill Industry

The •FP• and ATS production capacity for oil seals reaches out to a diameter of 2.200 mm in one single piece, while larger sizes are produced with a special joint-vulcanization process. Since years we are supplying producers of wind mills and hydro turbines with oil seals and other items matching the every day more critical demands of the construction specifications.

Mining Industry

For the Mining Industry the right sealing solution solves the most of the problems due to wear caused by abrasive materials and limited working conditions. The Seals from FP F.lli PARIS and ATS guarantee top performances even in polluted environments, and with high pressures.

Marine Business

•FP• and ATS propose a wide range of seals for the naval industry, that guarantee a long life to engines and propellers combined with an easy assembly during the maintenance process.

Power Generation Industry

•FP• and ATS offer sealing solutions for various power generation systems: Carbon, Fuel, Gas Turbines etc….

General Industry

Thanks to the wide range of standard and custom-made seals produced in rubber-to-metal and in various elastomers, •FP• and ATS can cover all the possible requests for many industrial sectors.

Thanks to the SEALCORE Family of products, FP F.lli PARIS and ATS can satisty all the requirements in the highest variety of industrial applications. Check out our web page