Custom-made items on customer's drawings. Suction cups are typically used in machines for the handling of materials in different applications (general industry, food, automotive etc ...)

Protective covers for bearings manufactured according to customer's specifications. This Rubber-to-Metal covers are used to protect industrial bearings from external contaminations (dirt, dust, water, c ...), and maintain the lubricant inside.

Protective covers for sheave bearings made in collaboration with the customer to design and develop a technical solution from scratch. This Rubber-to-Metal cover is used to protect the Sheave bearings from external contamination (dirt, dust, water, c ...), and maintain the lubricant inside.

Tenute frontali

Special rubber or Rubber-to-Metal seals produced to customer's design. Unlike classic Rotary Shaft Seals these articles are designed to work on a front surface orthogonal to the rotating shaft.

Rubber-to-Metal seals made by a flexible metal band vulcanized into a rubber body. Assembled on the internal diameter of the roller bearings for grease sealing.

Rubber profiles produced by compression molding or by extrusion. They are used in Wind Mills as protection for the rotating blade bearings. They are also used in rotating system for big turning machines like cranes, for example.

Lip seals for pistons, used in pneumatic applications where the movement is often carried out by air at high speeds and generally with rotating or alternative movements.


U-shaped profile rings with an external static sealing lip and an internal dynamic sealing lip.

Design and production of custom-made technical articles in rubber or rubber-to-metal starting from the customer's design, or from a sample of an existing item or by a complete design studio. The custom-made products are used in a very wide range of applications (bellows, diaphragms, casings, frames for static sealing, etc....)